Every year we ask the citizens of Hamilton Township to help by making a contribution.

  Please consider making a contribution payable to:
  White Horse Volunteer Fire Company
  19 Locust Avenue
  Hamilton, NJ  08610

  We will not be soliciting donations by going door-to-door or over the telephone.
Our fund raising campain this year is based on letters that have been sent by mail thorugh the US Postal Service as well as events that will be held throughout the year. Any donations made over the telephone or to someone at your door do not go to the White Horse Volunteer Fire Company.

The members of the White Horse Volunteer Fire Company understand the importance you place on the health and safety of your family and friends. We appreciate the value you place on your home and personal property which you have worked so hard to purchase and own. We also understand the need to provide you, as a resident of White Horse, with the assurance of knowing that you will be protected by a team of professionally trained firefighters who will make the difference between life and death.

Disasters have long lasting effects. People are seriously injured, sometimes killed, and property damage runs into the thousands of dollars. The quick response by White Horse Volunteer Fire Company firefighters and EMTs will often minimize property damage, provide prompt medical treatment, and may even save a life.

The members of White Horse Volunteer Fire Company have volunteered their services for the past 94 years during times of disaster to support their neighbors in Fire District #6 and surrounding areas. In 2009, the members of the White Horse Volunteer Fire Company responded to approximately 1,600 calls (over 16,000 man hours) for fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, emergency medical assistance, flood relief and a host of other emergencies. Whether the call for help came during the day, night, weekday, weekends or even during holidays, the volunteer firefighters of White Horse were there, providing assistance 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Although the fire tax you pay provides for daytime staff, emergency equipment and the training undertaken, the White Horse Volunteer Fire Company must finance its operating expenses through other means such as special fund-raising activities and the Annual Fund Drive.
The operating expenses consist mostly of maintenance for the building and grounds. Some of those costs are subsidized by renting the ballroom for meetings and events while the balance comes from fund raising activities.

It is through your support and the support of your neighbors in these activities that permits the White Horse Fire Company to continue to be the professional organization that it has been for the past 99 years.

Please continue your support and help during this year’s Annual Fund Drive.


White Horse Volunteer Fire Company



White Horse Volunteer Fire Company